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The World Premiere Production of...

a drama from British author 

Graham Farrow

 author of the plays Talk About the Passionand Rattlesnakes
as well as the novel Speak No Evil, nominated for the
Commonwealth Writer’s Prize.

 Set in a pub in the north of England, still is an intriguing tale
that revolves around a group of four friends... and Buddha...

Davie Morrisson, waiting out the birth of his child by his current girlfriend, decides to spend the time
at his friend Neil’s pub.  
As he waits, Davie becomes intrigued by a statue of Buddha left on the counter. Neil has no idea who it belongs to and the idol sparks a bit of debate between the two about society and religious tolerance. 

As the night wears on, one after the other, Neil and Davie’s friends Stuie and Tommy arrive,  and with each arrival the debate begins anew, but soon, the heated conversation turns to other topics and this close-knit group of friends finds their friendship tested by the revelation  of secrets well-hidden until this night...
all the while the statue of Buddha makes its presence felt, as the men wonder: is it a good luck charm,  bringing them closer together, or a malevolent presence driving them apart...  





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